Does opening a credit card affect a credit score?

Answer When you open a new credit card, an inquiry is recorded on your credit report which negatively impacts your credit score. However, if you pay your credit card as agreed, your credit score can impro... Read More »

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If I Negotiate With Credit Card Companies Myself, Will It Negatively Affect My Credit Score?

If you lose your income, you may find yourself with credit card accounts that you are having trouble paying. As these balances become past due and move further into delinquency, account holders may... Read More »

Will closing a credit card account affect my credit score?

Closing a zero-balance credit card account can negatively impact a credit score. This is because a credit score is based in part on the debt to available credit ratio. Therefore, when a zero-balanc... Read More »

Does Applying for a Credit Card Affect Your Credit Score?

Credit cards are a fact of life, and for some a way of life. Many factors determine whether they're an asset or a liability. Your credit score determines what you will pay for more credit, future c... Read More »

Does opening&closing bank accounts affect your credit score?

Opening or closing a bank account does not affect your credit score, according to Some companies, however, do track a specialty consumer banking report that creditors may look at when... Read More »