Does oolong tea work?

Answer On One Hand: Oolong Tea has Minimal Weight-Loss BenefitsSome people use oolong tea as a weight-loss aid. What you can expect is to burn up to 200 calories per day if you drink the tea at least twic... Read More »

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What is Oolong Tea ?

It is semi fermented tea that has caffeine in it. It is good in reducing blood pressure and helps with weight loss. etc. There's a lot other benefit if you just research online.

Is oolong tea the same as wu-long tea?

The names oolong and wu-long refer to the same kind of tea. Different spellings exist because "wu-long" is a Chinese word that has been phonetically transcribed to the Roman alphabet to approximate... Read More »

Is wulong tea the same as oolong tea?

Wulong, sometimes romanized as oolong, tea is a black tea from China thought to be rich in antioxidants. According to legend, wulong is named for Wu Liang, who left his tea leaves too long while he... Read More »

Where can i purchase oolong tea?

Most stores I believe. You can also find it on amazon, here's a link for oolong tea…