Does onychomycosis itch?

Answer Onychomycosis is literally the fungus infection of the nails where the nail bed is infested, can become thick, ugly and uncomfortable. Onychomycosis also can occur when ringworm exists and also can... Read More »

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Why do we itch!?

The skin on our bodies has a sensitive defence system within it that makes us aware of any annoying things that touch the body. Sometimes it might be something like a fly or an insect. The sensors ... Read More »

OMG help! i itch SO bad down there!?

I'm pretty sure you have a yeast infection. Those itch like crazy...and any guy who laughs about it, sayin' crap like "scratch it" or "gross", I hope they get on on their dick, cuz they won't be ... Read More »

Why do i itch so much "down there"..?

Do have have white clumpy discharge? If so, yeast infection.

How to help your dog and b....itch have sex.?