Does onychomycosis itch?

Answer Onychomycosis is literally the fungus infection of the nails where the nail bed is infested, can become thick, ugly and uncomfortable. Onychomycosis also can occur when ringworm exists and also can... Read More »

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Why does psoriasis itch?

Psoriasis is not a contagious condition; it cannot be transmitted from person to person. This is a genetic condition that irritates your skin and even your body's joints. Millions of people are aff... Read More »

Why does my butt itch?

Why does my teeth itch?

Are you trying to describe some sort of peculiar sensation you are getting? because your teeth can't itch in the same way your skin does. You should try to get a dental appointment soon. If that's ... Read More »

Why does my wound itch?

After the initial pain of suffering a wound, generally a skin abrasion, itching starts during the healing process. This has to do with biological processes that occur at the site of the wound.Scabs... Read More »