Does one put a filter over the lenses for protection?

Answer It is insurance ... periodFor under $80, you can put a super-multicoated UV or skylight filter in front of your lens and then if any foreign object strikes, touches or abrades your lens, it damages... Read More »

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How does the plastic cover over the whirlpool tub filter come off?

Answer If you are reffering to small bugs that collect on the surface of the water and /or the tiles, and jump when you touch them, they are probably "spring-tails". It being winter or early spring... Read More »

What does APO stand for in Sigma lenses and how does it differ from normal sigma lenses?

Who took over the circuit city advantage protection plan?

As Circuit City has gone out of business, Circuit City Advantage Protection Plan was taken over by Assurant Solutions. It was originally contracted to service the plans by Circuit City itself and, ... Read More »

What colored contact lenses would go good over brown eyes?

my sister has really dark brown eyes and has found certain shades of blue and green contacts do best.