Does one pay income tax on a common experience payment?

Answer From the late 1800s to the early 1900s, Canada established residential schools to assimilate Indian students into Canadian culture. Many of these students suffered abuse and racism, leading Canada'... Read More »

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How Does One Living Common Law File Income Tax?

Filing status is one of the first and most important factors taxpayers must determine when preparing a tax return. Taxpayers in common-law relationships have several filing statuses to choose from.... Read More »

How to File for an Income Tax Stimulus Payment?

Economic Stimulus payments were issued directly to taxpayers in 2008, in amounts up to $600 for individuals or $1200 to joint filers, plus $300 for each dependent child Those who did not receive a ... Read More »

Is a health insurance payment considered an income?

If your employer pays you a bonus at the end of year equal to the amount of your health insurance deductible, the Internal Revenue Service considers this additional income and not reimbursement.Ref... Read More »

How Much of My Income Should I Spend on My Mortgage Payment?

Colorado estate laws set out the procedures and rules used to distribute the estate of a person after the person's death. Colorado estate laws include those dealing with the distribution of propert... Read More »