Does one need a visa to travel to barbados if one is holding a ghanaian?

Answer Renter's insurance is for those people that don't own the place they are living. It is good for apartment owners and home renters. It covers your personal property in the building. It is relatively... Read More »

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Do Indonesians need a visa for Barbados?

According to, visas are required for citizens of Indonesia. Applications are available at the nearest Barbados Tourism Authority or Babados Missions overseas. Forms must be completed i... Read More »

Malaysian holding uk visa entry to switzerland do we need any visa?

Regardless of their status in the UK, Malaysian citizens do not need a visa to enter Switzerland - even if their stay is longer than the usual 3 months. Just bring your passport.

Indian holding belgian visa d can travel o swiss?

Yes, it is possible without hassle. Since April 2010 the new EU Visa Code is in effect. One most important change:The Regulation will allow third-country nationals holding a long-stay "D" visa issu... Read More »

Do you need a passport to travel to Barbados?

All U.S. citizens traveling to the independent Caribbean island of Barbados need a valid U.S. passport, according to the U.S. Department of State. Those traveling by sea may bring a passport card, ... Read More »