Does one need Internet service to use a memory stick?

Answer The use of memory sticks does not require Internet service. Memory sticks are media storage devices for portable electronics such as digital cameras and camcorders. The memory stick stores, transfe... Read More »

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Is there program that can make a 32mb memory stick into a 1gb memory stick is it possible?

No more than there is a program that will change a Ford Focus into a Ferrari Enzo...

I put a new memory stick im my samsung digital-cam and it said memory stick error. Please help!!?

I'm sure you can find the instructions on Samsung's web site. Most products these days, they scan the instructions and make them available in the form of PDFs.Most likely, there is a maximum size ... Read More »

I need step by step directions on how to copy photos from internal memory to memory stick.?

If you can hook up the camera to a PC with USB. I think you can download the pics with the software provided with the camera.

How do I find what memory stick I need for my computer?

Random Access Memory (RAM) is a key factor in how quickly your computer can load software and juggle multiple programs. Installing more RAM is an affordable and relatively easy way to upgrade your ... Read More »