Does olivina spread contain palm oil?

Answer Olivina is a Canadian-manufactured margarine spread that is made with imported Mediterranean olive oil. While no palm oil is used in its creation, it is a low-fat and healthier option than butter a... Read More »

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Does Parmalat Olivina spread contain palm oil?

Parmalat Canada produces a non-hydrogenated margarine spread called Olivina. According to Bailey's Industrial Oil and Fat Products, Vol. 2-Edible Oil and Fat Products: Edible Oils, Olivina contains... Read More »

Does Olivina contain palm oil?

Olivina products do not contain palm oil. Depending on the chosen product, its ingredients can range from olive oil, aloe vera, shea butter, grape seed extracts, grape seed oil, and sweet-almond an... Read More »

Does Becel contain palm oil?

According to its website, Becel uses palm oil and palm kernel oil to harden its margarine. This avoids the use of partially hydrogenated oils with trans fatty acids that reduce the nutritional valu... Read More »

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