Does olive oil stop spaghetti sticking together when cooking?

Answer Any Italian chef will tell you that this idea is nothing but a myth. It does nothing to the pasta - it just helps increase the profit of the olive oil producers !

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I have to cook enough spaghetti for about 18 people. How do I keep it all from sticking together?

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How do i stop boiled pasta sticking together?

The main tips are: use plenty of water (salted, otherwise the pasta will come out tasting sweetish -- a real no-no over here: heaven forbid you should forget the salt!) in a large, deep pot, bring ... Read More »

I am cooking with a stainless steel frying pan how do I stop eggs sticking to the pan?

Step 1.) Use non-stick cooking spray.Step 2.) Buy a coated non-stick pan.Step 3.) Ignore step 2 and you clean the pan.

How to fix paper sticking together when printing?

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