Does oil or gas come first when drilling?

Answer Crude oil is the result of sediment and micro-organisms being compacted together over millions of years. Over time, these crushed organisms combine to make oil. Crude oil that has been drilled from... Read More »

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How much oil drilling is in the usa?

The United States produces about 8.5 million barrels of oil per day. About 97 percent of the intercontinental shelf drilling in the United States is by oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico, according to ... Read More »

Problems With Oil Drilling?

Oil makes many of the operations of our everyday lives possible. It provides fuel for our cars and electricity for our homes and businesses. Without oil, we wouldn't enjoy many of life's convenienc... Read More »

How expensive is oil drilling?

The equation for calculating the average cost of drilling calls for $500 per oil well + $1 for each foot of depth + $500 if the well is on water and another $500 if that water is in a swamp. This c... Read More »

When was offshore drilling for oil first done?

Offshore drilling for oil first started in 1887 off the shores of Summerland, California. H.L. Williams came up with the idea of building a wharf and putting a drilling rig on it. The first offshor... Read More »