Does offing your computer through pressing the button of your CPU will do harm to the computer,what harm issit?

Answer Could corrupt data on your hard drive but as long as you keep a back up of anything important you should be OK, If you are very unlucky it could be a system file that gets damaged and you may have ... Read More »

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Can turning your computer off by the power button harm your computer?

on most recent computers, if you press the power button, it will just shut down the same way that it does if you shut it down through the start menu. (so no it won't harm your computer) but if u we... Read More »

This site may harm your computer, on everything?

Can you harm your computer if you leave it on 24/7?

it wont harm it, but depending on what kind of computer you have/how old it is and what operating system you have, it could get slow to operate unless you restart it every once in awhile to clear i... Read More »

This site may harm your computer?

Wrong. Apple products do get viruses, especially if you use Safari. Get an anti-virus/spyware.