Does obama wear a bulletproof vest?

Answer According to a Jan. 21, 2009 article on, President Obama wore a bullet-resistant suit on the day of his inauguration (Jan. 20, 2009). The Secret Service does not reveal exact details of t... Read More »

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Is it illegal to wear a bulletproof vest?

It is legal for law-abiding citizens to purchase and wear bulletproof vests in the United States. Under federal law, it is only illegal to own and wear bulletproof vests if you have been previously... Read More »

Can a minor wear a bulletproof vest?

It is legal for a parent to buy a minor a bulletproof vest to wear, but is illegal to wear a bulletproof vest if the wearer intends to commit a crime while wearing it.References:Bulletproof Me: Qui... Read More »

Is it illegal to wear a bulletproof vest in Indiana?

Wearing a bulletproof vest in Indiana is not illegal under normal circumstances. However, knowingly wearing one while committing a felony is an unlawful use of body armor, which is a Class D felony... Read More »

How much does a bulletproof vest cost?

The cost of bulletproof vests varies depending on the protection level of the vest. For lightweight, police-grade vests that are easily concealable under a uniform or jacket, the price starts at ap... Read More »