Does no one know about wikipedia or google?

Answer Then why are you on here asking questions? Go on google or wikipedia and ask this question. It should be on there right I mean 99% of questions are on wikipedia or google.

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Why is wikipedia not working I am in the UK! I am using google chrome Am I blocked from viewing wikipedia?

Which is better: Google or Wikipedia?

Which is better APPLES or ORANGES?One is a search engine, while the other is an online encyclopedia... Myself, I go with and Wikipedia!!! But that's just me.I know, lets make fruit salad!.

Why does google place Wikipedia articles at the top so much!?

Google organizes its results via a page ranking system, which, though the formula is periodically modified, places the results with the most page views at the top of its list. I can see a ration... Read More »

How to Add Wikipedia Articles to Google Earth?

Learn how to put an article from Wikipedia (i.e. your business entry) on Google Earth. Once the article has been added to Google Earth, people browsing Google Earth will see the Wikipedia logo, and... Read More »