Does netflex work with directv?

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Does Vonage Work with DirecTV?

You can definitely use Vonage VoIP services with a DirecTV satellite television package. You will need a Vonage phone adapter to make the connection. Support pages on Vonage's website explain how t... Read More »

Does TiVo work with DirecTV?

According to TiVo, the newest HD digital video recorder (DVR), compatible with DirectTV service, launches in 2010. Otherwise, the HD XL TiVo DVR and earlier models do not work with DirecTV.Source... Read More »

What phone companies does DirecTV work with?

DirecTV does not list any affiliations with phone companies on the company's website. AT&T and Verizon are two phone companies that offer bundled services to include a phone and DirecTV services.So... Read More »

Does DirecTv Internet service work with Xbox Live?

As of February 2010, Xbox Live does not work with DirecTV Internet service. Satellite Internet services are unsupported by Xbox Live because it requires speeds faster than the 512 Kpbs To 1.5 Mbps ... Read More »