Does nausea lasting more than 24 hours count as a possible symptom of pregnancy?

Answer Answer It can be a sign of pregnancy but it can also be a sign of stress or a stomach virus if you are experiencing breast tenderness, frequent urination, food cravings or aversions, missed perio... Read More »

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Is the acidity feeling nausea and mild back pain may be the symptom of early pregnancy?

Yes I once I knew a girl who had that and she got pregnant... So yeah you are

Can ear pain be a possible symptom of pregnancy?

AnswerEvery answer I've seen online says no, but from experience, I say yes! I never got an ear infection in my entire life until I was pregnant with my son. During that time I had not 1, but 4! Th... Read More »

Can pregnancy symptoms start few hours after sex like nausea and vomiting and loss of appetite?

Answer NO, the fertilised egg has to implant and hormones have to be released which takes a week to ten days.These are all symptoms of a tummy upset.Or maybe that's just your nerves. If you don't ... Read More »

What does it mean if a headache lasts for more than 10 hours?

That happend to me Not enough sleep and need more water in your system.