Are rainbow topaz&mystic topaz the same gemstone?

Answer Rainbow and mystic topaz are the same gemstone. Mystic or rainbow topaz begins as a clear, colorless stone and is then put through a process called thin film deposition that creates a number of dif... Read More »

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Where does mystic fire topaz come from?

Mystic fire topaz, more commonly known as Caribbean topaz, does not come from the Caribbean--in fact, it's brilliant "fire" is manufactured. The stone starts out as common white topaz, and a thin f... Read More »

What is the value of mystic topaz?

According to All About Topaz, the value of mystic topaz varies depending on its color. Blue mystic topaz costs around $25 a carat, while the rarer pink topaz costs $3,500 a carat. The price also va... Read More »

What is mystic fire topaz?

The mystic fire topaz is a natural, colorless topaz gemstone treated with titanium to give it a rainbow effect.Other NamesGem laboratories enhance colorless topaz to create colors such as blue, gre... Read More »

Description of a Mystic Fire Topaz?

The mystic fire topaz is a man-made creation. In 1998, a Minnesota company called Azotic Coating Technologies developed and patented a method to transform the appearance of colorless topaz by coati... Read More »