Does my toe need to be broken and reset?

Answer Paint ur toes and forget about it sure its nothing worth having pain over lol,,,peoples feet never look alike it just happens yours a like that (psst dont worry mine aint dat georgeous ither ... Read More »

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Does the Combat b3 need to be broken in?

Im talking about the B3AB1 for the adult -3

Does a timer need to be reset each time you refill a Cat Mate C20?

Yes, you will need to reset the timers of the Cat Mate C20 after both compartments' timers have gone off. You can program the timers to go off simultaneously or separately, up to 48 hours after the... Read More »

I Need HELP On My BrokEn Lap top !?

hey man, you can handle this with a little patience and a small phillips screwdriver and small flat screwdriver. The phillips screwdriver is to actually remove all the screws, while the flat screw... Read More »

Broken arm. :( i need love people!?

Here I starred you :) and I am really sorry for the fall, man this must hurt.I suggest some fun activities in which you will not use your hand often; watch TV, listen to music, sleep (that's an act... Read More »