Does my toe look broken (picture included)?

Answer That looks pretty nasty. Put some ice on it and take something to help the swelling. Don't bother with the doctor, there is nothing they can do except tell you to put some ice on it and take some... Read More »

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How old do i look (picture included)?

The colour pic's are better I think you are about 14.

How old do i look theres a picture included?

Please tell me... do you think i look fat picture included?

I Love it. I am so tired of the regular "Am I too fat: or "who is the prettiest" they are SO boring and so fake. This is wonderful and I am giving you a star.

What Facial Piercings Would Look Good On Me (Picture Included .)?

I suggest a lower lip ring or stud to the side (not in the middle). A Marilyn would be nice too, but I think on you, a lower lip ring would be really nice.