Does my pc have a graphics card?

Answer It doesn't looks like it, but it is such a mess in there that it's hard to tell outright. Given the mess of wires, that computer seems somewhat old and it really is possible that your card is that ... Read More »

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Do i have to UNinstall graphics driver first (to REinstall later) before adding another graphics card for SLI?

If you're using SLI then you have the exact same chip set as your first card, which means you already have the drivers for your second card. All drivers for SLI enabled cards already have SLI capab... Read More »

Local PSU does not have 6 pin power connector for graphics card?

Local PSUs are not to be trusted if you are a serious gamer. As I am an Indian,almost all local PSUs comes with only essential parts with 450W MAXIMUM OUTPUT power. But in practice,they are simply ... Read More »

What kind of graphics card does an HP computer have?

The type of graphics card installed depends upon the specific make and model of the HP computer. Hewlett-Packard has used many third-party graphics card vendors over the years, including nVidia an... Read More »

Does onboard graphics mean I don't need a graphics card?

Yes. If a motherboard has onboard graphics, it means that the motherboard contains a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). You do not need to install a graphics card unless you are dissatisfied with the ... Read More »