Does my middle finger look broken?

Answer it could be you can't tell from looking at it just go to dr or er

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Is My Middle Finger Broken?

Put ice on it c: and if it dosent hurt alote while you turn it around or move it it not brocken the swollen part might be a brose so dont worry

Does my finger sound like its broken?

I crushed my finger in the car door. It was squashed completely flat and I absolutely reeled with the pain. Didn't want to go to A&E but I was made to go cos if you break a finger and it sets wrong... Read More »

I had trigger finger surg on my middle finger. when I went to get my stitches out the Dr informed me that I ha?

My ring finger and middle finger knuckles are bruised. what to do?

Well first of all, punching a tree? That's not a great source of letting out anger. Secondly, if you can move all of your fingers, even in pain, then you are ok. You may want to apply some ice to r... Read More »