Girls: when you wear a skirt, pretty bra or underwear, lacy top, or pretty makeup, is it because...?

Answer a,b,c,and d.

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If a girl is pretty does the fact that she is dark-skinned make her not pretty enough?

no but everyone is attracted to different kinds of ppl...

Am I pretty How can I make myself pretty [PIC INCLUDED]?

NO.& it's funny how you ask random strangers on the internet THEIR opinion of your looks, yet if they say something negative you'll give them a low rating? Wow, you don't have looks OR intelligence!

Lipstick or not?

If you don't need to wear make-up then don't - women who "slap" make-up on do it for a reason!They are probably damn ugly without it!

Does Lipstick Go Bad?

Picture this. You're getting ready for a night out on the town and you just need to add that finishing touch. You reach for your favorite shade of lipstick and open it to apply it when a funky smel... Read More »