Does my ipad2 arrive next week?

Answer The iPad 2 was just the second generation update of the original iPad. The iPod Touch and the iPad actually apparently started development at the same time, born from the idea of Steve Jobs, for an... Read More »

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What is the quickest way to clean the house before relatives arrive next week?

You have plenty of time. If you are not used to house cleaning, take one room at a time it is easier for you that way. For the bathrooms, wet down your sinks and sprinkle some cleaner like Comet in... Read More »

How many ipad2 were sold in the first week?

I'm selling an ipad2 is 120 a good price for an used ipad2?

A widow take home pay of 600 a week her disability insurance coverage replaces 70 percent of her earnings after a 4 week waiting period what amount would she receive in disability kept off for 16 week?

Answer 70% of 600.00=$420.00 times 12 weeks (subtracted the 4 week waiting period) = $45040.00 or if you get the full 16 weeks, $420.00 times 16 = $6720.00