Does my insurance go up if you get points on your license?

Answer Answer Perhaps, depends on the offense. Contact your agent or policy services to see exactly what the increase would be.

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How many points does insurance count for suspended drivers license and how long does it stay on record with insurance company in Arizona?

A suspension of the drivers license will be visible for 5 years on your driving record and doesn't show up as any points.

How much will your insurance premium go up with 6 points on your license from a speeding ticket?

== Answer ==Insurance rates depend on a variety of things from your age to your credit report to your state. Only your insurance agent can answer this question. In general you would be dropped by m... Read More »

How are insurance rates affected by points on a driver's license?

Points are levied against drivers who make a mistake or violate rules of the road. Accumulating points on your driving record will likely have a negative impact on your auto insurance premium.Effec... Read More »

How many driver's license points does it take to affect an auto insurance rate?

It generally takes between 1-2 tickets to change your insurance rate. Redlight camera ticket in California = 1 point, increased my insurance by 38% !!