Does my iPad1 have a camera?

Answer No.No.

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Is it possible to buy an ipad1 32g 3g?

because 4.3 is just the running software version and most apple products use it now

Is the ipad1 better than the ipad2?

Yes, you can put a passcode on the ipad 2. Both the numerical one (one with numbers) and the keyboard one (where you type in a message). The keyboard one does look pretty sweet as it looks black, g... Read More »

What can you Do on a ipad2 what you can't do on a ipad1?

Mostly the resolution, speed of processor and the weight is what make the difference. It is not enough to need to upgrade, it is simply like comparing a 20" TV to a 23" TV, it is only a very small ... Read More »

Is ipad 2 is thinnner than ipad1?

yes it has it has been released for some time now :)