Does my computer have a worm?

Answer BSOD are caused by hardware problems so I reckon you get the BSOD because you upgraded your RAM but the BSOD can also be caused by a virus i.e Trojan.Most worms are programmed to eat data and take ... Read More »

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My Computer Won't Start Up, I Have the lsa32.exe Worm?

The Isa32.exe is a rootkit virus, and as such it is very hard to kill. Whenever a rootkit is detected on a computer, the quickest way to solve the program is simply to reinstall Windows, giving you... Read More »

I have a desktop computer and want to add a firewire card does the computer have to be opened up to do this?

Yes, all Pci adapter cards must be installed in a slot on the motherboard.Power down the computer and unplug from the wall outlet. Unplug all attached devices that has their own power source such... Read More »

How to Remove a Worm From My Computer?

A worm is a specific type of malicious computer program that exploits known security holes in your operating system to infiltrate your computer. If you're going to remove a worm from your computer,... Read More »

April 1st computer worm helpppp?

Choose only one. This is what a Microsoft MVP has to say about the subject. You may also want to consider reading her entire web-page on "How to prevent Malware". It is one of the best that I have ... Read More »