Does my computer have a virus?

Answer The error I have ever encountered. And then I use a software named Perfect Optimizer. So the problem had be solved. I recommend you to try it. Besides,Perfect Optimizer will repair more than 99.5... Read More »

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Computer virus: I have a virus on my computer, its disabled my task manager?

I got that Trojan like a week ago.... I believed it's called AntiVirus XP 2010. It is more spyware than a virus, but still very dangerous There are some ways you can manually remove the trojan, but... Read More »

Does My Computer Have A Virus Or.....?

You do not have a virus. If it says your battery is low then charge it and everything will be ok.

Does my computer have a Virus or .......?

There is such a thing as a Auto Play Virus. If you search Google with that term you will find a bunch of posts about it including how to get rid of it.


AVG is not a very good program to use. It misses a lot. Try this one:…I use it all the time and it catches stuff that a lot of other programs don't.Stop cl... Read More »