Does my computer bill show the websites i have been on?

Answer I have used my pc in many different countries and my ADSL, bill is included with my telephone bill. As my IP is also my telephone provider. All I can tell you is that no websites are shown, an if... Read More »

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Do websites viewed on the iPhone show up on the bill?

Your iPhone browsing history will not show up on your wireless phone bill. Depending on your carrier, you may see data transmissions being charged on your bill, but the websites will not be reveale... Read More »

Do websites you have been to appear on your internet bill?

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Why is facebook running so slow on my computer when all the other websites run super mega fast on my computer?

Everyone in my house has been experiencing this problem as well. I'm to assume it is not just my account and is surely an issue with facebook's servers. I've been off facebook for two days because ... Read More »