Does my choice of case work with my choice of gpu?

Answer The case is just the outer shell of a computer which protects it from moisture, shock and prevents people from stepping on it. Any casing will work, it just groups all the computer parts into 1 so ... Read More »

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Why do people in the US often confuse parental choice and personal choice, regarding infant circumcision.?

People who say it's a "personal choice" or "mind your own business" simply have not sat down and calmly pondered the idea of letting their son choose for himself what HE wants with HIS body. It's s... Read More »

Are fan-less video cards a bad choice Do you need more case ventilation than the standard 120mm fan?

It's best of have as much ventilation as possible, as big fans as possible and get the highest rpm rated fans you can find and 120mm is fine. Hope that helps and best of luck.By the way fan less vi... Read More »

Please Help with career choice would like to work with kids?

In my state, you don't need to have a college education to work at a daycare or pre-school, but you can't advance up the career ladder very far without at least a CDA (Child Development Associate)... Read More »

How many employees work for Choice Hotels?

Choice Hotels has 1,560 full time corporate employees as of 2009. The company began doing business in 1981, and their corporate offices are located in Silver Spring, Maryland. Choice Hotels has ove... Read More »