Does my child need to be vaccinated twice for measles?

Answer Yes, children do need to be vaccinated twice for measles. According the the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, children need a measles vaccination once when they are between 12 and 15 mont... Read More »

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If baby had German measles already if she can still receive anti-measles vaccine?

Should a child be vaccinated for H1N1 virus?

Most definitely yes. Children and young adults are the groups most effected by the Swine Flu and most deaths are occurring in the age group. Get you child vaccinated, esp. if they are in contact wi... Read More »

There's been a measles outbreak near where i am, should i get the second measles jab?

"apparently the second jab is only there incase the first jab didn't quite work." -- Well how would you know the first vaccination didn't work unless you get measles????????????? Then you wouldn... Read More »

Has anyone else had measles as an adult?

Jack, I was very surprised to find out I had the measles when I was in my mid twenties. I had measles as a child, Didn't think I could get them again. I was miserable. There is no treatment, yo... Read More »