Does my body look overweight (pic)?

Answer aww you're really far from being fat!don't worry about that :) and if anyone calls you fat just ignore them xx

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Why does my body look extremely better but body fat never changes on the scale?

No scales can measure body fat% correctly.I have a scales that measure it, but it says I'm 4% body fat, which means I should be suffering from organ failure.My body fat is about 13% its only out b... Read More »

How to Eliminate Body Odor in Overweight People?

Body odor can be an issue for many individuals but especially for those who are overweight. The extra energy exerted by doing even the most minimal of tasks can increase the production of sweat and... Read More »

Do I look fat/overweight [Pics]?

No you are not. You look damn good in a bikini and should be proud! If your healthy than that's know in most cultures it's good to be thin (like yourself) but it's very terrible and gross ... Read More »

How to Look Gorgeous as an Overweight Woman?

Everyone wants to feel gorgeous, and you don't have to be the slimmest of people to be it. Many women can be overweight and be beautiful such as Adele and Raven-Symoné, All you have to do is find ... Read More »