Does my blog look cool :)?

Answer Looks pretty cool and nice, and eyecatching is perfect.....the information is also interesting and your pictures are big and nice cuz we can see themand for a blog u have a big imagination and i wo... Read More »

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Does it look cool to put a line in your eyebrow?

I guarantee you that nobody will care if you have a line in your eyebrow. I doubt 96% of the people you come across will even notice

Can anyone tell me a cool blog name?

1. amazing things 2. what Eddie speaks 3.priceless things.4.things on demand.5.hello World6.Golden sparrow Speaks

How to Change Your Displayed Blog Name on WordPress to a Cool Picture?

By default, WordPress displays your blog title and tagline at the top of your site. It works, but let's face it -- it's kind of boring. Some WordPress themes allow you to upload a custom header. A ... Read More »

How to Look and Act Like Tola from (Blog 27)?

Please improve this article to meetCharacter Article Standards. Please edit, then remove this notice. Notice added on 2009-02-17.Tola is a singer and was in the band Blog 27 but now she sings on he... Read More »