Does my MOM really have a RIGHT?

Answer Your mom is obviously worried about you. I agree she's overstepping her bounds, especially reading emails you haven't even opened yet. It's hard for an adult to balance trust and freedom with a t... Read More »

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You have a sentry really big universal remote model no rmc-10 you have a haier tv and you program with the code for that tv but when push a button it does not response to the right button example when?

I have a kidney stone on my right side. I have had pain for about a week but today it really started to hurt.?

are you male or female?NO, it will get a lot worse!I've had SEVERAL..... it is WORSE THAN HAVING A BABY!!!!NOT KIDDING!

Should everyone really have the right to procreate....?

Considering babies are being abandoned in trash cans and bathrooms everyday, NO. But what guidelines would we use. Some people would require financial stability. Some would say intellect was import... Read More »

I have a lump in my left breast (nothing in the right one), it is relatively small and doesn't really cause me?

breast cancer usually does not hurt; also, the biopsy report should reassure you that you are fine