Does music really help to relax people?

Answer On One Hand: Music Therapy for RelaxationPlaying an instrument, and singing along if possible, helps people to breathe deeply, control themselves and focus. The music's rhythm and beat can calm peo... Read More »

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Does music relax students?

On One Hand: Music Can Be DistractingDepending on the type of music and a student's study habits, music can ultimately be a distraction. Some student's claim that listening to music is an effective... Read More »

How do you respond when people say "Just relax"?

I had joined a Mind/Body Support group for women going through fertility treatments and struggling to conceive . . . here are some great one-liners from our book. I hope that they at least make you... Read More »

Why do people not relax in the front garden of their homes?

Good question, most people like to have privacy, some neighbours might think you are watching them, you cannot laze about with little clothing on like you can in the back, traffic is another concer... Read More »

Do you think people need to stop hating on what kind of music people like?