Does music have an effect on animal behavior?

Answer On One Hand: It Can Be SoothingAccording to a study published in "Applied Animal Behaviour Science," classical music can cause small signs of relaxation in gorillas. The study suggests that some mo... Read More »

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Why does music have an effect on plants?

No valid scientific evidence exists to show that music affects a plants growth. No repeatable and controlled experiments have been carried out by any competent and qualified person.

Does rap music have an effect on the memory?

On One Hand: Researchers Found No Neurological EffectsResearchers at the University of Miami studied the so-called "Mozart Effect," which proposes that classical music improves memory, by testing t... Read More »

Does music have an effect on plant growth?

I had heard years ago about studies purporting that plants responded better to classical music than they did to rock music. The reality is, however, that no noticeable effect has been recorded in g... Read More »

How does culuter effect the behavior?

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