Does music have an effect on animal behavior?

Answer On One Hand: It Can Be SoothingAccording to a study published in "Applied Animal Behaviour Science," classical music can cause small signs of relaxation in gorillas. The study suggests that some mo... Read More »

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How is the knowledge of animal cycles important to the study of animal behavior?

Knowing the cycles animals undergo throughout each day and over the course of the year helps researchers study and understand animal behavior more clearly; it is important to observe an animal's ro... Read More »

How does culuter effect the behavior?

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Animal Behavior in a Biome?

Biomes---or ecosystems---such as rainforests, deserts, tundra, grasslands or bodies of water, are populated by various interacting lifeforms and inanimate components. The biomes supply the elements... Read More »

Science Projects on Animal Behavior?

The study of animals is widely varied and gives an idea about theories for further study. When looking at animal behavior, humans might sometimes find the behavior baffling. Doing a science project... Read More »