Does music affect a dog's behavior?

Answer On One Hand: Music Can Be SoothingMost knowledge of the effects of music on dogs comes from a study conducted by psychologist and animal behaviorist Deborah Wells. Dogs exposed to classical music b... Read More »

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How Do Subliminal Messages Affect Our Behavior?

Subliminal messages are messages which your conscious mind does not have enough time to process, yet you understand on a subconscious level. They are things that we never think about, yet they are ... Read More »

Does the environment affect a child's behavior?

On One Hand: Environment Plays an Important RoleWhether or not environmental factors play a role in a child's behavioral development is part of the age-old nature versus nurture controversy. Accord... Read More »

What Factors Affect the Behavior of Gas in a Closed Container?

Gas molecules behave somewhat differently than molecules of solids or liquids. Particles of gases carry a great deal of kinetic energy, which keeps them in constant motion. Temperature, pressure,... Read More »

Do the moon phases affect criminal behavior?

On One Hand: No, It Does NotAccording to a Missouri Western State University Department of Psychology study, the moon phases have no affect on criminal behavior. The school studied arrest records a... Read More »