Does music affect a dog's behavior?

Answer On One Hand: Music Can Be SoothingMost knowledge of the effects of music on dogs comes from a study conducted by psychologist and animal behaviorist Deborah Wells. Dogs exposed to classical music b... Read More »

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Does the environment affect a child's behavior?

On One Hand: Environment Plays an Important RoleWhether or not environmental factors play a role in a child's behavioral development is part of the age-old nature versus nurture controversy. Accord... Read More »

Does music have an effect on animal behavior?

On One Hand: It Can Be SoothingAccording to a study published in "Applied Animal Behaviour Science," classical music can cause small signs of relaxation in gorillas. The study suggests that some mo... Read More »

How does music affect how you work out?

The relationship between music and workouts has been researched and documented. The findings have established that music can affect workouts in several ways.Decreased Awareness of FatigueIn mild to... Read More »

How does music affect teens?

Music can give teens emotional catharsis as well as amplify friendships with those who share musical tastes. Additionally, CNN says music is a mega-vitamin for the brain that can improve cognitive ... Read More »