Does muscle build before you actually lose "fat, weight" ?

Answer Hello, firstly my apologies for assuming! Secondly, thank you for the BA, the wording of which showed me that you are mature and deserve my respect.When exercising it is inevitable that the underly... Read More »

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How to Easily Lose Weight and Build Muscle?

If you want to lose weight build muscle naturally there are a great many ways in which you can achieve this. The main methods behind being able to do this is to combine three main ideas into one li... Read More »

How Many Times Should You Do Cardio to Lose Weight & Build Muscle?

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Does throwing up actually make you lose weight?

It is possible to maintain a normal body weight even if you are throwing up every single thing you eat. The reason is because calories start being absorbed into your body through the walls of your ... Read More »

Build muscle and lose fat?

Ye swimming would be good and why not go to the gym for an hour or longer but make sure you keep a balanced diet and drink more water.