Does muscle armor work?

Answer On One Hand: Positive StudyMuscle Armor is an amino acid complex distributed by EAS. It contains arginine, glutamine, taurine and HMB. A University of Connecticut study at its Human Performance Lab... Read More »

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What muscle groups does an elliptical machine work?

An elliptical machine has two slots in which to put your feet, which move along half-crescent, or "elliptical," tracks. Many also have handles connected to the tracks, which allow working of both t... Read More »

Does protein shakes actually work when it comes to muscle gain!?

hi, protein does work for muscle gain. i will explain,when you lift weights and train your muscles slightly rip and require protein to repair and increase in size. the more muscle you have on you... Read More »

Does meat give you muscle I don't want muscle...?

No, you won't build any muscle by simply eating. To build muscle you need to actually exercise muscles and do some weights. For muscles to grow you need to ate protein rich foods, like meat, AND ex... Read More »

What muscle do lounges work?