Does muscle armor work?

Answer On One Hand: Positive StudyMuscle Armor is an amino acid complex distributed by EAS. It contains arginine, glutamine, taurine and HMB. A University of Connecticut study at its Human Performance Lab... Read More »

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What muscle do lounges work?

Muscle milk after work out!?

Yes you can drink protein shakes after workout especially after doing cardio, I even drink protein shakes after my cardio and weight training exercises. It is best to drink protein shakes after wor... Read More »

Maintaining muscle after completing a work out?

LOL it won't turn to fat, those are just 1 of many people that will try to bring you down in life

Does protein shakes actually work when it comes to muscle gain!?

hi, protein does work for muscle gain. i will explain,when you lift weights and train your muscles slightly rip and require protein to repair and increase in size. the more muscle you have on you... Read More »