Does mp3 player pyrus come with headphones?

Answer The manual for the LG800G shows describes a "handsfree or stereo earphone connector." It requires a (larger than some) 3.5mm male plug.

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Does the htc evo come with headphones?

Absolutely. Target definitely does, and I'm sure Walmart does too. They have all teh varieties - Skullcandy Fix, FMJ, 50/50 and Titan

Can you use headphones with a DVD player, but others can still hear the sound without headphones?

Most DVD players come with a digital output for surround sound, and a stereo output, usually for connecting to your TV.So, you can leave the DVD player connected to your surround sound system with ... Read More »

Does the iPod nano come with headphones?

My iPod nano 4th generation did come with headphones.

Does the 6th generation ipod come with headphones?

Yes i bought one and it came with earphones. But you should probably buy new ones anyway because apple earphones suck.