Does more megapixels mean a better camera?

Answer Megapixels taken by themselves is no indication of the quality of a camera. The camera's optics are as important, or perhaps more important than the number of megapixels your sensor has.And if over... Read More »

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With a digital camera, does more megapixels mean better quality or just a bigger sized photograph?

If you always plan to compose your pictures perfectly, you don't need 10 MP. If you want to allow for cropping, which means enlarging only a portion of your image, the more pixels the better.Imagin... Read More »

Does higer megapixels on a camera mean better picture quality, or just larger pictures?

While a larger file certainly will be an asset should you elect to enlarge the image, or, crop out a significant portion of the overall image, lens quality is a big factor.One reason that images sh... Read More »

A camera is it better when it has more or less megapixels?

More megapixels means a higher quality photograph which allows for easier editing

For camcorders, is it the more megapixels the better?

The Megapixel rating on camcorders refers to its ability to take still pictures or photos. It has absolutely nothing to do with its video abilities. All digital video is shot at the same resolution... Read More »