Does molly maid pay benefits?

Answer Benefits at Molly Maid include company cars to qualified employees, paid training, advancement opportunities and only daytime, weekday hours. Health insurance and paid time off are not included in ... Read More »

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How to Act Like a Maid Cafe Maid?

Hello! Ever wonder what it's like to work at a maid cafe? Well, you can be one step closer now. But maid Cafe Maids are pure, so if you're looking on how to act like a sexy maid, this is the wrong ... Read More »

How much does Molly Maids pay?

Molly Maids pays an average of $12 an hour for maids as of November 2009. This puts them in the middle range for maid salaries, which is $9.65 to $17.30 per hour for five to nine years of experienc... Read More »

What does Molly Pitcher represent?

Molly Pitcher represents bravery and kindness in the face of danger. During the American Revolutionary War, Mary Ludwig was nicknamed "Molly Pitcher" by the soldiers she tended as she carried pitch... Read More »

What does Molly Putz mean?

According to the "Dictionary of American Regional English," the term "Molly Putz" is used to describe a fool or an objectionable person. For example, "Molly Putz could have done a better job," mean... Read More »