Does mold grow faster in light or dark?

Answer Mold grows faster in the dark than it does in the light. This is because bright light such as sunshine tends to dry out the moisture that it needs to grow.Source:MadSci Library: Why mold grows fast... Read More »

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Dark help mold grow faster?

not directly but light contains UV which inhibits mold growth

Which plant will grow faster the one in the Sun in a dark closet in partial light or in artificial light?

In a dark closet because the plant will want to find sunlight so it grows upwards quickly to try and find the sunlight

Do plants grow faster in light or dark?

Plants require light for photosynthesis, so it is impossible for plants to increase in dry biomass without any light.From a pure growth standpoint, then, plants in the dark do not grow more than pl... Read More »

Will a seed grow faster in the dark or light?

Whether seeds are grown in the presence of light or not, they will still germinate, yet some seeds prefer one more than the other. This depends on the type of plant you are trying to grow. For in... Read More »