Does modern 3D TV have 2D to 3D conversion?

Answer Many 3D televisions have a 3D simulation feature. In every case, the simulation makes an estimate of depth based on a 2D image. The results are always inferior to true 3D content and the feature sh... Read More »

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Does the vizio 3d led tv have the 2d to 3d conversion feature?

No, they do not. However, 2D to 3D is a 3D simulation and the results are not as good as true 3D content. Don't make a buying decision just on the basis of a 3D simulation feature that rarely looks... Read More »

How many keys does the modern flute have?

The modern flute is a long, cylindrical woodwind instrument that is about 26 inches long and three-quarters of an inch in diameter. It has 16 openings: one hole for the thumb, eleven holes for seve... Read More »

How many strings does a modern harp have?

The modern petal harp comes in four sizes, with corresponding string numbers. A grand or concert harp has 47 strings. The semi-grand variety has only one less string, with 46. The more portable siz... Read More »

Does anyone have info on an old " modern" sewing machine?

Those sound like "badged" machines, generic machines imported for the purposes of stores having their own brands. Kenmore sewing machines, for instance, are badged Janomes, currently.Chances are a... Read More »