Does milk taste better out of a glass container?

Answer On One Hand: Milk in Glass Has a Purer TasteSome people think milk that comes in a glass container not only looks better than that from a plastic jug but also that it has a better taste, because a ... Read More »

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Why does skim milk taste better in the evening?

Maybe by the evening you have burned a lot more energy than first thing in the morning and you need the calories and the milk is hitting the spot?

Do you drink out of the milk container instead of putting into a glass?

Always drink out of glass cause container grosses others out

How to Make Almond Milk Taste Better?

Almond milk is a dairy-alternative that is low in sugar and salt and has no cholesterol. It is slightly thinner than cow's milk and has a light nutty flavor. You can buy almond milk from the superm... Read More »

Why does freshly squeezed cow's milk taste different from the milk we buy in the supermarket?

because the milk fresh from the cow will still reflect what the cow has digested and the processes of pastuerising, skimming and ultra heat will not have had chance to reduce that freshness to a th... Read More »