Does milk make you tired?

Answer Yes, there is tryptophan in milk which gets people sleepy. That is why it is suggested that you drink warm milk at night if you can't go to sleep."Do you know what tryptophan is? Tryptophan is a v... Read More »

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What are some drinks thatll help make you tired Warm milk, etc. ?

Warm milk with nutmeg. Don't ask my why, but it works. The only thing I can think of is the lactose that swings the blood sugar ever slow slightly.

Does watching TV make you tired?

yes it does i was watching tv today i was so tired after watching it for 2 long hours so yes the tv does make you tired

Does vyvanse make you tired?

Kayla is wrong, Vyvanse does not need to build up in your system like straterra does, it works the first time u take it, but it does take longer than half an hour to kick in. Takes more like an ho... Read More »

Does sleeping too much make you tired?

Absolutly!!! When we sleep chemicals are relased into our brains and too much sleep will definatly make you want to sleep more. Notice, when you stay awake too long you get spurts of energy until y... Read More »