Does milk make you tired?

Answer Yes, there is tryptophan in milk which gets people sleepy. That is why it is suggested that you drink warm milk at night if you can't go to sleep."Do you know what tryptophan is? Tryptophan is a v... Read More »

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What are some drinks thatll help make you tired Warm milk, etc. ?

Warm milk with nutmeg. Don't ask my why, but it works. The only thing I can think of is the lactose that swings the blood sugar ever slow slightly.

What is missing from soya milk to make less white than pasteurised cows milk?

Could it be the sugar content of milk. Seeing as cows eat grass, it contains a sugar called Lactose. Lactose is not present in soy milk.Edit: However it would seem that Casein which is rich in c... Read More »

How to Make a Milk and Parsley Moisturizing Milk for Oily Skin?

Mint is a refreshing and cooling additive to any cosmetic infusion. Parsley is known to be an extremely good cleansing and healing agent. When you combine the two, you can develop a great lotion ... Read More »

I want to make hot chocolate with milk would anything happen to the milk if i heated it up?

It would get warm ;) Hot chocolate is better when made with milk, go for it!