Does milk make the effects of marijuana go away?

Answer First of all, i think the guy was trying to imply that hes high right now and he wants a bowl of fruity pebbles, but he cant re-up until tomarrow. The answer is, no it wont, it goes away on its own... Read More »

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What are the side effects of frequent marijuana use,?

I don't remember....lolActually to be serious with my answer...I don't agree with many of the answers given. I have many friends in the "30 something and up" range who are all professional people. ... Read More »

Whats the difference between the effects K2 "Spice", Salvia, and Marijuana?

Salvia is CRAZY and should be banned. I tried it twice and will NEVER do it again. It is way way more hallucinigin then Acid or Shrooms. It is insane. K2 is not that good for you it raises your... Read More »

The Effects of Homogenization in Soy Milk?

First sought as an alternative to milk by those who are lactose intolerant, soy milk can now be found on the shelves of nearly all grocery stores. Soy milk is a beverage produced by soaking soybean... Read More »

Any negative effects on Muscle Milk?

Its actually one of the better tasting proteins but it has a lot of fat more than other proteins, it says its essential fat, but idk about that lolif you are skinny and is hard for you to gain weig... Read More »