Does milk make the effects of marijuana go away?

Answer First of all, i think the guy was trying to imply that hes high right now and he wants a bowl of fruity pebbles, but he cant re-up until tomarrow. The answer is, no it wont, it goes away on its own... Read More »

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Does milk make sunburn go away?

No, plain yoghurt does. Its an old recipe the mediterrean countries use for sun burn.But it wont go away. The skin needs time to grow back.Aloe vera is good too.

Does the Red Cross throw away blood donations that contain Marijuana?

the demand for blood right now is very high. and so are you i guess. ha ha . no i dont think they will thow it out.

What are the side effects of frequent marijuana use,?

I don't remember....lolActually to be serious with my answer...I don't agree with many of the answers given. I have many friends in the "30 something and up" range who are all professional people. ... Read More »

Why do they keep taking Seniors medical marijuana away from them?

After a run and smokin' a fatty to the head, I'd have to say the answer is quite clear...Mind and money control. It doesn't just take physical and mental pain away, it can make one realize they don... Read More »