Does microsoft purposely make hotmail load slower in firefox?

Answer Its because Firefox is a standards compliant browser, developers have to put all these hacks in their code to get it to work on IE. As MS provides both IE and Hotmail (i tend to call it failmail), ... Read More »

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How to Make Firefox Load Pages Faster?

If you use broadband, you can make webpages load even faster in Firefox by using this "pipelining" trick. Normally the browser will make one request to a web page at a time. When you enable pipelin... Read More »

How to Make Adobe PDFs Load Faster in Mozilla Firefox?

PDFs can take forever since Adobe Reader 6.0 for Windows loads lots of unused plugins on startup. Now you can have them load in seconds using Mozilla's Firefox browser. Here's how.

Is google chrome slower than firefox?

On really old computers possibly, google chrome treats every separate tab as a process itself, so if a tab crashes, the rest stay open. On a dual core with over 1 Gb ram, no Google Chrome is faster... Read More »

Google chrome is relatively slower than firefox, what can I do?

Under what conditions? Add-ons? So many questions. We need more info.