Does men's hair gel cause baldness?

Answer On One Hand: Gel and BaldnessGenerally speaking, there is not a direct link between men's hair gel and baldness. The majority of hair loss in males can be contributed to high levels of DHT, a by-pr... Read More »

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Does hair dye cause baldness in women?

On One Hand: Hair Dye May Cause Hair LossThe harsh chemicals in hair dye can weaken and damage a woman's hair. As a result, her hair can begin to fall out. In severe cases, a woman may lose one or ... Read More »

Does hairspray cause baldness?

On One Hand: Baldness is GeneticIn normal hair growth, a hair grows, is shed from the follicle and a new hair begins to grow. An as-yet-unidentified gene makes some people produce disproportionate ... Read More »

Do hats cause baldness?

On One Hand: The Truth of the MatterThe short answer is no---hats don't cause baldness. In fact, according to the experts at, "In order for the hair to fall out, the hat would have to be... Read More »

Male pattern baldness and hair gel. What does the future hold?