Does men's hair gel cause baldness?

Answer On One Hand: Gel and BaldnessGenerally speaking, there is not a direct link between men's hair gel and baldness. The majority of hair loss in males can be contributed to high levels of DHT, a by-pr... Read More »

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How to Use Mens Hair Gel?

Mens hair gel is great for guys who don't want that flowery smell that hair products for women have. In fact, this is the main reason why men buy gel hair products that state they are for men. Bel... Read More »

Hair Products For Baldness?

Pattern baldness is not something that men or women particularly like. Long, luxurious hair signifies youth and beauty while balding areas could indicate poor health or old age. You can camouflage ... Read More »

Does hair dye cause baldness in women?

On One Hand: Hair Dye May Cause Hair LossThe harsh chemicals in hair dye can weaken and damage a woman's hair. As a result, her hair can begin to fall out. In severe cases, a woman may lose one or ... Read More »

How to Make Mens Hair Bouncy?

No one wants a head of flat, limp hair. Having healthy-looking hair makes you more presentable on dates, at job interviews or wherever you meet someone new. For men who desire more bounce in thei... Read More »