Does medicaid cover eye exams during pregnancy?

Answer Medicaid will cover eye exams for those with coverage before becoming pregnant. If the pregnant woman obtains SOBRA Medicaid, which covers pregnancy-related expenses, the insurance company will not... Read More »

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Does Medicaid cover eye exams?

Each state offers its own Medicaid program that must operate under certain federal guidelines. Providing eye exams is not a federal guideline, so coverage varies between states. Typically, an eye e... Read More »

Does florida medicaid cover eye exams?

Florida Medicaid covers eye exams performed for medically necessary reasons including illness, injury, disease or vision problems. Although eye-exam coverage was previously limited to children, Med... Read More »

Does Medicaid cover pregnancy epidurals?

Yes, Medicaid covers epidurals to relieve pain during child birth. Federal law says that hospitals may not charge Medicaid patients for services related to prenatal care, delivery or other medical ... Read More »

If you quit your job during pregnancy would the insurance continue to cover you?

Answer Check with the insurance company and your employment. If your employment had the insurance than more than likely the answer is no. You may get a coverage like COBRA when you leave or they m... Read More »