Does media affect presidential elections?

Answer On One Hand: The Media Does Play a RoleAccording to, scholars and practitioners alike are unsure of the media's actual effect on election results. However, they agree that th... Read More »

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How often are presidential elections in Mexico?

Mexico is a federal republic and holds presidential elections every six years. The Mexican president is elected by a simple majority of voters and cannot be re-elected. Potential candidates have to... Read More »

In how many presidential elections have we had only one candidate?

Three presidential elections are considered unopposed: George Washington in 1789 and 1792 and James Monroe in 1820. However, even in those three elections, electoral votes were cast for other cand... Read More »

Why is Iowa important in the presidential elections?

Every four years, America goes to the polls to elect the president of the United States. However, before that happens, there is a separate contest to decide which candidate each party will run. Thi... Read More »

Has TV had a positive impact on presidential elections?

Opinions abound on whether or not TV has had a positive impact on presidential elections. While TV has become an integral part of many aspects of U.S. politics, the debate remains relevant.Detract... Read More »