Does maxell cd pro series work with windows xp?

Answer Support for the Maxell CD-RPro recordable disc does not depend on the operating system. Rather, it depends on the CD or DVD burner. Maxell does not guarantee that CD-RPro discs are compatible with ... Read More »

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How to Burn a Maxell DVD?

Burning files to a DVD allows users to easily transfer a file or program from one computer to another and archive or back up important data files or documents. Maxell DVDs hold up to 4.7 GB of data... Read More »

Can you play a Maxell DVD+R on a television DVD player?

Maxell DVD+R disc is ok, but you must burn a standard video DVD on your Maxell DVD+R disc that can be played well on a DVD player with TV, if you just burn a data DVD on Maxell DVD+R disc that can'... Read More »

Why are none of my school's maxell headphones not working on a Mac?

A headphone amp is a small device that amplifies power within headphone speakers. They are capable of increasing volume levels, bass performance, improving sonic range and revealing more detail in ... Read More »

Maxell tabletop soundbar for LCD tv. Questions-10 pts:?

It depends on what model number your talking about but just generally speaking most Sound-bars will have a sleep mode,.... usually you have to set the TV to external speakers in order to get the so... Read More »